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Seven Businesses. One Shop.

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Visit us at:

Corner Shop Collective

12635 Larchmere Blvd

Cleveland, OH 44120

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Seven Businesses. One Shop.
How many will make their concept work?

You're invited to take part in Cleveland's newest neighborhood-based, real-time small business accelerator program.


Apply now to prove your business concept has the wings to fly. Or join us at the marketplace and see which entrepreneurs have got the goods.

Learning a Dance Move

About SetUpShop

This small business accelerator gives hopeful entrepreneurs the skills and resources to turn a dream into a reality

Low-risk retail space for home-based entrepreneurs

Intensive entrepreneur boot camp to develop your business plan and shore up the skills you need to succeed

Coaching from experts on your specific, individual needs 

Technology assistance

Custom market research, gained throughout your time in SetUpShop, to help you plan the future of your business

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Sponsors and partners

Many thanks to the important organizations and companies that are making small business dreams come true for worthy Cleveland entrepreneurs.

Funded by

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