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Small Business Incubator

SetUpShop is a program of ECDI created to provide Cleveland entrepreneurs training, access to capital and a low-risk opportunity to test their retail concepts and accelerate their businesses.


Program Breakdown

#SetUpShopCle participating small business owners get:


Through the ECDI Women’s Business
Centers of Ohio
, business owners will receive counseling in areas such as marketing, finance, and customer service.


ECDI will provide access to business funding, including loans, stipends and grants.



For one year,
entrepreneurs will rotate
between four move in-ready retail spaces to test their product or service
without a long-term
lease commitment.

Program Details


  • Resident of the City of Cleveland

  • Home-based entrepreneurs looking expand or start a business.

  • Business must be able to operate in a marketplace with a client facing business model

  • Business owners that are socially or economically disadvantaged, women, or in a minority group are encouraged to apply!

Time Commitment

  • The program lasts for one year. Business owners must maintain regular open hours throughout the year.

  • Short, weekly virtual check-ins are required.

  • Mandatory orientation will occur before program starts.

Selection Process

After filling out an application, interviews are conducted with eligible applicants. Up to 10 entrepreneurs are accepted.

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